The Zurich thriller - Borchert and murderous greed

In the morning, attorney Dominique Kuster and her assistant Regula find a call for help on the answering machine of a young man asking the law firm for assistance. On the way to them, however, Julian is pushed away and falls heavily on his motorcycle.

When Borchert passes the scene of the accident shortly afterwards, the unconscious victim is being stabilized. Borchert, who has lost his son in an accident, feels personally obliged. The fact that the "lawyer without a license" has no written mandate does not bother him. To Captain Furrer's chagrin, Borchert starts his own investigations. He soon finds out that a dark van with fake Israeli diplomatic plates was involved in the "accident".

Even the comatose art student himself appears suspicious due to his conspicuous interest in Islam, frequent trips to the Middle East and his connection to the mysterious Said Allawi...

The Zurich thriller - Borchert and the Fall

His planned short opera trip to Lake Geneva is not going to work out: Borchert has to go to Lake Geneva at the request of his boss Dominique to meet the unloved Captain Furrer. Furrer was suspended from duty because he is suspected of having killed a young policewoman. Emmi Arnold wanted to prove to Furrer that the death of club owner Jean Berger in a raid was not self-defense but ice-cold murder by corrupt police officers. Since all the evidence speaks against Furrer and he can no longer trust any of his colleagues, he goes into hiding.

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Director: Roland Suso Richter
With Christian Kohlund, Ina Paule Klink, Felix Kramer, Valery Tscheplanowa, Kai Wiesinger, Alireza Bayram, Thomas Kügel, Jan Lennart Krauter and others
Channel: ARD
Year: 2019
Produktion company: Graf Filmproduktion GmbH