“Zwei Bauern und kein Land” (Two Peasants and No Land) on ARD

TittelbachTV: In “Zwei Bauern und kein Land” (Two Peasants and No Land), especially the beautiful music (Michael Klaukien, Andreas Lonardoni), which reminds of the film compositions of Ry Cooder, sets a tone of cheerful serenity. (…) Thanks to the good ensemble led by the wonderfully taciturn Ernst Stötzner, a wonderful music and the rich summer…

About Michael Klaukien
Michael Klaukien (b: 1974) comes from an old Rhineland drum and electronic organ dynasty. At an appropriately early age, he found his way to his father’s drums in the boiler room, which for many years then served as both a workshop for the emerging musician and the hotspot of the of the rocking Niederholtorfer music scene. With the musical sideline of his father at hand, Klaukien relatively quickly developed his first professional vision: The precocious five year old wanted nothing to do with dance music. Rather he found his way to scoring music for film.

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