Cinderella has to endure the vulgarity of her stepmother Barbara and the mockery of her daughter Annabella day after day. In the evening, she has no choice but to sleep in the ashes. One day, on her way through the forest, the graceful girl meets a young hunter. It is Prince Victor, but Cinderella does not know that. His father, King Clemens, wishes that the heir to the throne may finally marry and rule the country. Therefore, the monarch invites all unmarried daughters of the kingdom to a grand ball...

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Director: Uwe Janson
With Aylin Tezel, Florian Bartholomäi, Barbara Auer, Harald Krassnitzer and others
Genre: Märchen
Channel: ARD, WDR
Year: 2011
Produktion company: Askania Media Filmproduktion GmbH