Borchert imagined the reunion with his goddaughter differently: Instead of giving her a hug at the airport, he has to box Jenny out of the customs investigation. Someone planted half a kilo of hashish on the prospective pediatrician, who is completing a practical semester at the aid organization of Albanian businessman Gentian Gjeluci.

While Borchert's boss Dominique takes over the defense of Jenny, the "lawyer without a license" suspects that this is about something else than a failed drug smuggling operation. Jenny is secretly involved with Gjelucis only son Dorian. Worried about his reputation, the head of the foundation has Jenny immediately thrown out and forbids Dorian any contact with her. He has other plans for his son anyway, who he wants to marry to the niece of his business friend Nikolin Kola.

When Gjeluci is killed shortly afterwards, all traces point to Jenny. Captain Furrer arrests her. But Borchert is determined to find out what this is really about. With the help of his well-connected friend Dr. Reto Zanger, he gets on the trail of the Albanian mafia - and gets in the way of the dreaded "godfather of Zurich".

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Director: Florian Froschmayer
With Christian Kohlund, Ina Paule Klink, Pierre Kiwitt, Lea Freund, Nicola Perot and others
Channel: ARD
Year: 2020
Produktion company: Graf Filmproduktion GmbH