The high-ranking official of the European Central Bank, Birgit Haindling, is found murdered. Her cleaning man Cem, an illegal migrant, is arrested in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene.
Although the motives for the murder speak against him, he asserts his innocence to Benni. Benni soon finds out that these incriminating statements were made under pressure from the police. He also learns interesting information about Claudia Strauss.
Benni has his own defense strategy: He follows another perpetrator's trail to a secret lover. Together with the protesting Claudia Strauss he drives up into the glass tower of the ECB. Meanwhile Leo tries to find an alibi for Cem.
In the course of their research, the investigator duo uncovers inconsistencies in the banking system. Had Birgit Haindling perhaps made enemies?
When Cem escapes from prison, his friends suspect what a tragic step he is about to take...

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Director: Hannu Salonen
With Antoine Monot, Jr., Wanja Mues, Bettina Zimmermann, Thomas Thieme and others
Genre: Krimi
Channel: ZDF
Year: 2013
Produktion company: Odeon TV, ein Label der Novafilm Fernsehproduktion GmbH