Hot flushes, dizziness, dizziness: Franziska, a physiotherapist from Hamburg, is convinced that she suffers from symptoms of the beginning menopause. However, the gynecologist gives the woman in her mid-forties a slightly different cause for her sensitivities: She is pregnant. Franziska falls out of the clouds. After years of unfulfilled wishes for children, she had long since given up hope. But when she wants to tell her husband about the joyful news, she is caught cold by him with another message: Andreas is packing his suitcases and moving out. He sees the marriage as a dead end and Franziska's manic tidiness and control are something he hasn't been able to bear for a long time anyway.
This threatens to put an abrupt end to the dream of having a child and a family. Driven by her neuroses and the fear of a high-risk pregnancy, Franziska sees no chance for herself and the baby. Her decision to terminate the pregnancy is certain - until she accidentally meets 19-year-old Lilli. The lively bon vivant with no fixed abode is also pregnant, but despite all adversities is looking forward to motherhood. This concentrated courage to face life also makes Franziska change her mind. Against all fears and doubts she decides to give birth to her child...

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Director: Matthias Steurer
With Katja Riemann, Aylin Tezel, Hans-Werner Meyer, Christoph Schechinger, Peter Franke and others
Genre: Komödie
Channel: ARD
Year: 2013
Produktion company: Krebs & Krappen Film GmbH

„Kleine Schiffe“ ist als einer von 12 TV-Filmen für den Jupiter-Award 2014 in der Kategorie „Bester TV-Spielfilm national“ nominiert.