First case for Devid Striesow as the new Saarland investigator: "No, Mom, it's not a career break when you switch from the Federal Police to the State Police. It's no more dangerous," explains Chief Commissioner Jens Stellbrink (Striesow) on the phone. And shortly afterwards, he stumbles into his first case at the hardware store: Little Melinda (Mila Böhning), who doesn't speak a word of German, runs into his arms. Armed North African men are after her...

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Director: Hannu Salonen
With Devid Striesow, Elisabeth Brück, Mila Böhning and others
Genre: Krimi-Komödie
Channel: ARD, SR
Year: 2013
Produktion company: ProSaar Medienproduktion GmbH

Neben der Filmmusik haben wir auch den Titelsong „Out Of The Jungle“ feat. Reggae Sänger Don Bonn extra für diese Tatort Folge komponiert und produziert.