The Zurich thriller - Borchert and the last hope

What at first seems like a routine mandate soon turns out to be an explosive criminal case: "Lawyer without a license" Thomas Borchert and his boss Dominique Kuster receive visits from Louise Schneider and her daughter Viola.

Her husband and father Anton Schneider has died of MS, and Viola, in particular, blames his neurologist Dr. Hoffer for serious treatment errors. Hoffer, who is represented by Borchert's friend, star lawyer Reto Zanger, of all people, rejects all blame and insists on an autopsy. This reveals something surprising: Anton Schneider took his own life - probably with the help of his wife.


The Zurich thriller - Borchert and the power of habit

Two young petty criminals stumble over the blood-drenched corpse of the landlord during a break-in. Hubert Thalmann, a successful building contractor, was brutally stabbed. Thomas Borchert's boss, Dominique Kuster, is the "lawyer of the first hour", representing Tim Ritter, who has turned himself in.

In contrast to Captain Furrer, Borchert and Dominique believe in Tim's innocence, especially since he selflessly covers for his accomplice Robin. In order to exonerate their client, however, Borchert must investigate the true murderer of Thalmann. The suspects are the murdered man's widow and brother, who both benefit from the inheritance. Borchert also targets Thalmann's competitor for a billion-dollar project, Conop AG.

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Director: Roland Suso Richter
With Christian Kohlund, Ina Paule Klink, Felix Kramer, Robert Hunger-Bühler and others
Channel: ARD
Year: 2018
Produktion company: Graf Filmproduktion GmbH